000000Finally, has the time finally come

Is it true; can it be real?

Can it be real; is this a game or a fib?

Are you the one I prayed for?

My bestFriend, my other half, My ETERNITY!

Can this be my long awaited answered prayer?

Or is this one of Satan tricks to disappoint me again:(

No matter what, I pray that this will last forever

I pray that this will last for an ETERNITY.

I hope that you’re praying also.

I’m praying that, that you’re praying about us also.

I’m praying, that were’re praying for an ETERNITY.


For no one never treated me like how you treat me.

The Love, The Compassion, The everything!

It’s so over whelming!

Are you my ETERNITY?

Your love is un-matched

You’re so amazing:)

Yet the question remains…

Is this is it?

Have my prayer been answered?

Are you the one?

Can this be real?






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