I for you and you for me, I hope that’s clear.

With all the bells and whistles.. 

I’ll take you still

The mood swings, attitudes and.. Etc

I can say but.. I’ll show you when I say, it’s me you can lean on when falling. 

Drown you in love ❤.. 

In vulnerability, it’s me you can trust to.. 


When weak in the flesh and bout to sin.. 

Here I’ll be strong in spirit to help you through

To pray for you and help you pray and.. Etc

Before I’ll say I love you❤😘.. 

I’ll show you

I’ll show you I love you way before I say it ❤

No point of trying hard to win your heart 💖

It’ll come naturally, for I’m not pretending

May our days be longer together and Etc.. 

May our feelings match our spirit

With all the bells and whistles we come with

We’ll manage

Glad to say we found us

My backbone, rider, lover, and.. 




If you can hear my thoughts💭

You would know how serious I am about you

Knowing all I think about is you

To understand that I’ll put you before me

How much I care about 


If you can hear my thoughts.. 

Everything I say would be more sound

The uncertainty you’ve had before.. Gone

The uncertainty you have for me.. Gone


 If you can hear my thoughts love

You’ll know I’d rather visit the future

Cause I know we’d be married 💍

We’re spending our life together

I for you and you for me.. God included


Come, be with me.. Let’s make it official now

Later on when I see you would just be a bonus.. Later on is just a bonus love. 

If you can hear my thoughts…💭

You know and understand that I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy, comfortable and at ease about us.. 


I for you and you for me, if you can hear my thoughts, you’ll understand how deep my feelings run for you.. If you can hear my thoughts, you’ll know I want to make us official… now


A life Awaits

                        A life awaits

Pictures, images, and whatever I can think of

Conversations and old text I save. . 

I run back to 🙂 

In my bed I lay… 

A vision at the altar is for one to dream 💭

For the life that waits… for

 A life awaits 

Anywhere anytime with you I’ll go

This life or the next life.. I’ll go

One can’t be to much

You’ll never be to much ❤

For I can’t even imagine

To be with anyone else

If it ain’t you.. I don’t want it

Whether it be this life or the next

I pray that it is you

For one can only dream

Do you pray that it’s me? 

A life with me:) … nothing wrong with that

If God was to come.. 

Plead to him I will.. To be with you

In the next life.. And forever more

So I can’t wait.. For the life awaits

A life awaits… ❤❤❤🙏🏾

We’ll Get There

We’ll Get There

In the time that we’re in
In each other’s atmosphere
Whether we’re in close range or distant…

Whatever God has planned for you and us
We’ll get there
Dwelling on whether this is destiny or not..
Is none of my business
As long God is in it…
We’ll get there
Fretting on if time is being wasted is a waste of stress…a waste of worries

We’ll get there

Do you sometimes think this maybe
A delay for something else
To prepare us for someone else?

I can’t help but to think of the unknown
I just know…

We’ll get there ❤️🌹…

Martha 👑


Martha, …babygirl you are something else

It’s like I get you…then I don’t

I’ve figured you out 🙂 

That was a lie…😑

Asking God like what imma do with her 

She’s complicated 😐

But I adore her

She gets on my nerves somewhat

Yet she remind me of myself…

Somewhat 🤔

A future with you we shall see

So I ask God…

What imma do with her?

He hasn’t responded

A queen 👑 she can be my side

Though she don’t see it..

Feelings she hides

She compresses inside

She shows it at times then she hides it

Vulnerability she don’t want to show

A queen 👑 by my side but she doesn’t..

See it…

Time is of the essence 

So I don’t question God if my time

Is being wasted..Yet time is of the essence

Martha Martha Martha…

What imma do with you 🌹👑🌹

Martha 👑

Rest Assured

                    Rest Assured

it’s been awhile

Since you know..I wrote

Wondering if somethings were worth it

I gave my all..but that wasn’t it

It was enough..just for the wrong person

My value was overlooked


You will never know what you lost

Because you didn’t know what you had

Rest assured I believe this is it

Assurance that I believe

That I can feel

I can only imagine 

That if you feel the same way

Rest Assured 

Our talk is different

Vibe on another vibe

One that is calm


Best friends..we are 

Rest Assured

Soulmates?? Can it be??

Rest Assured 

My Baby (The One)

                  My Baby (The One)

Oh that’s my baby 😍

Girl listen…

What’s meant to be is meant to be

Call me crazy 


I loved you before I met you

yeah I’m crazy but…

You were my baby b4 I knew you

Prayed for you in advance

In advance you are now in my presence

My baby

We didn’t chase for each other

Yet we are pursuing one another

Years have gone by in 5 days

It’s crazy lol 

Ready but we have to wait 

Anxious but patience is .. virtue

want to say it but it’s to early to speak

We’re heart to heart so it’s already said

Feelings are up: for so are the prayers

You rockin how I’m rockin 

So we rockin the same way

Rock with me baby…


Corny I know

You my baby though 🙂 

My baby

I’m the one and I believe it

Playin no games .. So I’m serious

Time is everything…

Hope I’ll be ready 

Was only a matter of time

The time is here

The One

Playin it cautious by praying

Prayer is power and you are here:) 

The One

My Baby ❤️🌹

It’s Whatever

                      It’s Whatever

I’ll be… 

It’s whatever

whatever you want me to be 

friend that I can be 

friendship is that I seek 

more that it can be 🙂 

Nonetheless… it’s whatever

Whatever you want me to be

guardian angel??? 

I’ll be without the the wings 

I watch you, God watch us

Whatever he want us to be 

Whatever you want us to be 

It’s whatever

I’ll be whatever

Whatever you want me to be:) 

Your future, may I meet you there? 

Up to you I know this true 

So it’s whatever

I’ll be… 

It’s whatever

Whatever you want me to be💘💕❤