My Joy

She’s not for everyone 

She expect the best things in life

She doesn’t like to think about the worst

For she hope for the best

Heart so tinder, fragile, breakable

She has her issues, but she’s –

My Joy

Her smile is contagious


Not like all smiles.

I enjoy making her happy

But I also like to test her

I know her weakness

So I like to test her

Yet on the other hand,  she’s-

My Joy

Her kind is unique, special, rare.

Different than my past ones.

She fights her mental battles to keep me


She fights them to stay-


Even with her Spirituality she fights

She do it for the Most High

She also do it for me.

My Joy she is

My Joy

Do whatever to keep me happy

My Joy

She’s not for everyone

For she’s –

My Joy:)



The Perfect Wife

The Perfect wife

What is she consist of?

Her attributes?

What is she consist of?

What is…

The Perfect Wife?

Is it what she brings to the table?

Her commitment, the way she holds things Down, what all does it takes?

Her Smile

Her Beauty

Her compassion

Her heart for charity

Beauty inside and out

Her Pros and cons

So much pros that it overtakes the cons

Precious she is

She makes being Faithful look easy


Is it enough

The Perfect Wife?

I love her

She loves me

Every passing moment

My heart grows soft

A passionate heart in a cold world

A passionate heart for a cold man

A cold man with a warm conscious

Every passing moment

My heart grew soft

You see its not the beauty

The beauty she posses

Or all the talents she’s gifted of

No matter the cost

She loves me

She put herself before me

Grew up putting herself before others

So she put herself before me

Love so unconditional

Passionate heart

I don’t know what all takes to be a perfect wife,  I don’t know

But I do know

Whatever it is

She posses them all

Perfect wife?


My Perfect Wife 🙂


Strip me off of all of my clothes
And you will say that I am Naked
Am I?
Clothes are off
All skin is showing
But am I really naked?

I say I’m fully clothed
How bout you?
The Heart you can’t see
Feelings that are in the depths of me. You can’t see
Yet I am naked?
To the blind eye?
Guess it’s blind for a reason.

The pain
The suffering
All that is within me
All which is clothed from within
Clothed from within
But you say I’m naked?
Am I?

Affectionate ♥

Affectionate Heart

When you love hard, it shows.
It shows how you love
It also shows how deep you are in it. One can look and see, your

Affectionate Heart

Love so tender
A smile so warm
This is a person
Affectionate Heart

You care so much
You will do anything
You give it all you have

This is a person
Affectionate Heart

You ask for nothing in return
Just effort
Just commitment

Is all you ask for

This a person
Affectionate Heart.


May your year be consist of Happiness and Joy

May it be filled with joy of tears
Tears of joy for if you prefer it that way

Happiness shouldn’t be optional
I hope your year is filled with it

May your year be filled with Laughter – oh how sweet would it be if tears comes with it

Enjoy this year with people you love most

Enjoy this year being grateful

Don’t be afraid of talking to strangers – for one may be an angel

Enjoy this year
Become a better person
A better person for God is more important.

Enjoy this year
For time is near
Enjoy this year for it will be short
Enjoy it

But first..

Enjoy it day by day
For it is the way
Enjoy this year

Through the pain
The good
The bad
All in all
Enjoy it
Enjoy this year

Happy New Year:)

Good Morning 

​Good Morning 

I hope your day goes well

Your morning, afternoon

Your evening,  your night. 

Good Morning 
Smile,  for it brings less pain


For it makes me happy

Good Morning  
Don’t forget to pray
Good Morning 

Her Smile

​Her Smile
Like stars in the sky

Her smile shines bright

Joy fills the air when she smiles
Her Smile
So sweet

So pleasant

Her smile
Love the way she talks

Love the way she laughs

But in all

I love.. Her smile

In all

I love 
Her Smile


At times I Reminisce on our past

Of how we started,  to where we at now.  

Wondering if we was to play the same card once more;would it land on the same, #-the same card.  

Makes me think a lot each time I Reminisce on it.  Reminiscing on the outcome, – the outcome of the hill we had to climb…just to see the mountain that was standing in our way. 

Here we at now,  not to many moments later,  almost at the top of the mountain. 

Yet it seem not to far of a distance

Yet it’s the longest. 

And if you Reminisce on that,  you’ll understand . For it’s always the shortest distance that takes the longest to get to, than when  we first expected.  

Reminisce on that. 

It’s not how you start,  but how you finish. 

And if you Reminice on that. 

You’ll Understand. 


A Star So Perfect





                                They say when a star explodes; it vanishes into oblivion.

                                                The once star it was, it is no more.

                                    It’s particles journeys throughout the sky.

                       Where it goes, doesn’t matter, whom it falls on…does                                                                                   

              The story goes as; “If a particle of a star falls on the right person, –

              that it is reborn, but in a different shape” A shape of a perfect star.

                                                                Can it be?

                                                           Is it possible?

                                                        A Star So Perfect?

                                                           -Yes, it is-

                                              -And here what it look likes-