God’s will?

If so, I’m willing

To do whatever it takes

To make you happy

To comfort you

Distance can’t hinder what is already in place

We’re right where we should be

Where we need to be …?

In each other’s arms

The time will come for that

From a thousand miles away

I’m Willing to make you smile

Your sympathy for my empathy

My empathy for your sympathy

I want to be your plus one:)

Your last one? Is what I want to be

Willing to make this work

Nothing forced … nothing rushed

Willing to make it a natural connection

Hand in hand we look up

Give praise to the Lord

Kness next to each other

Kneeling, so we can pray together

Our hearts are connected ❤️

Let our minds be the same

If you’re willing as I

Let our soul be the same

Patience is key

Let no man separate…what God has put in place

To do what it takes, if you want..then I am…


If I Could

If I Could

If I could…I


Be right there with you

Sitting right next to you

Nothing more..nothing less

I just want to be right there with you

Laughing right there with you

If I could…

I’ll show you nobody wants you more than I do

More than I am

All my love?

Yes it comes with actions

For I love with actions

Only If I could

Show you

You don’t have to look further

Look no more

It’s a grand design

It’s there

I’m there

I’m here

Let me show you

If you would..I’ll show you

For I would

If I could

Love Games

Love Games

So here we are ..

This is what we’re going to do now

Beating around the bush like…

We’re trying to avoid Cupid and his arrow

Playing a love game like..

Two peas in a pod

Like we don’t dream about each other

Like we don’t pray about each other

Playing these love games


I’m more for you than you are for me


You’re more for me than I am for you

Love Games

I will steal your heart and keep it

I’m a criminal

I’m a bandit

You have mine

Will you keep it?

Look me in the eyes and tell me you want me

I will steal your heart

One way or the other..I will

I’m done playing..

Love Games




O where are thou

Why do you run from me

To run is to escape

You can’t escape destiny

Camila,Camila, Camila

O princess of God

How Worthy is thee

A crown sits upon her head

For a crown sits upon your head


Camilla Camila

Beauty runs all around you

Whether if it sits on your face or in your soul

Beauty lies within you

Strength is indebted to you

Courage owes you favors

Faith is one of your best friends

Camila Camila Camila

Can I have you ..?

If God was to grant me to you, would you take me?

Would you?

I am yours if you want..but not for long

For a crown sits on my head also

Camila Camila Camila

Let’s not chase each other ..or another

Let’s meet in the middle


Camila Camila Camila

Where are thou

Camila Camila Camila 😘😘💘 you are mine💘💖



As the sun set ..It grew dark

The moon appears as the stars come out

The only thing that’s on my mind is you

A photograph is what I look at

A photograph is what I smile at

Can I miss someone who I’ve never seen?

I miss you and I’ve never met you

I’ve never held you

Laugh nor cry with you

Love is stronger than fear

Though love can’t cover my loneliness

Love is stronger than hate

Yet love can’t cover my emptiness

Your photograph is what makes my days..


It what makes my night.. Brighter

For I look at it when I’m sad

When I am lonely

When I need to smile

I think of a bright future

For I think of you

I think of your..




For her to be so young..she’s been…

Through it all..

Heartbreaks went from rare to natural

Don’t walk in her shoes

You don’t want to go there

For her to be so young she suffered much

It paralyzed her but it didn’t break her

She stayed afloat, for she would not sink

Her God is her savior, for she would not sink

He took her tears and turn it to joy

He stole her heart and made it his

Glory to God for she became his

Glory to God for she became whole

The walk with him has made her whole

The walk with him has made her pure

Her past is her past for she is a new creature

Her past is her past

For she is now pure..

She is now pure

She is now pure

She is ..


She Calls For God

She Calls For God

Her heart’s been broken..so she calls for God

No man appreciates her, so she trust in God

To direct her path, to lead herself to him

To mold her into his image

To become like him.. spirituality, mentally, physically

On her knees, she prays..on her knees she cries

She Calls for God

Left alone is what she wants to be

Finding herself is her destiny

But she lives for God.. And God only

For living on her own is fatality

In his arms she rest

When the sky is gray, she seeks comfort in him

She guards her heart for protection

God hides in her to protect her

She Calls For God..

For everything

For each where she goes ..he goes

To get to her, you have to get to him

To meet her, you have to meet him

For whoever is not approve.. mustn’t stay

And for who is…must wait

She Calls for God

For a protector of her own

For a love of her own

Someone she can proudly claim

Rejoice over

Cry over..

Cry with

Be with..

Stay with

Build with

Die with

She Calls For God

She Calls For God

She Calls For God

Stay On The Path

Stay On The Path

Walk in his ways and he will protect you

Stay on his path and he will guide you

Blessed be the name, for he do love you

Lord my father, please protect her

Help me love her how you love her

One day..

Help him love her like how you love her

Whoever that maybe

Stay on the path

To protect your blessings

For he giveth and taketh away

Stay focused, be humble, remain patient

Stay on the path to follow him

Lord Jesus Christ..

This is not about me

It’s about you

I care for you, I pray for you

No matter what happens

One way or another..

I will be here for you..

..but in the meantime

Stay On The Path



May this friendship be lasting

The bond we have, the love that’s connecting

May it be lasting

My best friend

My love now

May this be lasting

Wherever life takes us

You’ll always have a special place in my 💓

If circumstances change..

I will still choose…I will always choose you

Take nothing for granted..for I’m grateful

For I’m forever grateful to you

May that be lasting

Pray that we grow .. for everlasting

Here today and here tomorrow

I pray that it’s all..


:At First&Now:

:At First & Now:

At first I didn’t think you were going to like me

Your eyes were pure, smile was genuine

And I…was broken

Lost in myself, lost at sea, seeking land

At first, I was prepared for you to leave me

For I was unworthy

I saw in you what I didn’t see in myself

You saw in me, what I didn’t see in myself

Now I see what you see

Now I know why your eyes are pure

For it matches your kindred spirit

Your kind soul for I’m forever grateful for

And that smile 🙂

Is the culprit behind of why my heart…💖

Keeps bleeding poems..novels about you

It took me three days to write you

Now I wish nothing more

To be close to you now

To let you know how I feel and what I feel

To look you in the eyes to see if I see myself

For I Didn’t..

At First