Rest Assured

                    Rest Assured

it’s been awhile

Since you know..I wrote

Wondering if somethings were worth it

I gave my all..but that wasn’t it

It was enough..just for the wrong person

My value was overlooked


You will never know what you lost

Because you didn’t know what you had

Rest assured I believe this is it

Assurance that I believe

That I can feel

I can only imagine 

That if you feel the same way

Rest Assured 

Our talk is different

Vibe on another vibe

One that is calm


Best friends..we are 

Rest Assured

Soulmates?? Can it be??

Rest Assured 

My Baby (The One)

                  My Baby (The One)

Oh that’s my baby 😍

Girl listen…

What’s meant to be is meant to be

Call me crazy 


I loved you before I met you

yeah I’m crazy but…

You were my baby b4 I knew you

Prayed for you in advance

In advance you are now in my presence

My baby

We didn’t chase for each other

Yet we are pursuing one another

Years have gone by in 5 days

It’s crazy lol 

Ready but we have to wait 

Anxious but patience is .. virtue

want to say it but it’s to early to speak

We’re heart to heart so it’s already said

Feelings are up: for so are the prayers

You rockin how I’m rockin 

So we rockin the same way

Rock with me baby…


Corny I know

You my baby though 🙂 

My baby

I’m the one and I believe it

Playin no games .. So I’m serious

Time is everything…

Hope I’ll be ready 

Was only a matter of time

The time is here

The One

Playin it cautious by praying

Prayer is power and you are here:) 

The One

My Baby ❤️🌹

It’s Whatever

                      It’s Whatever

I’ll be… 

It’s whatever

whatever you want me to be 

friend that I can be 

friendship is that I seek 

more that it can be 🙂 

Nonetheless… it’s whatever

Whatever you want me to be

guardian angel??? 

I’ll be without the the wings 

I watch you, God watch us

Whatever he want us to be 

Whatever you want us to be 

It’s whatever

I’ll be whatever

Whatever you want me to be:) 

Your future, may I meet you there? 

Up to you I know this true 

So it’s whatever

I’ll be… 

It’s whatever

Whatever you want me to be💘💕❤



If it comes down to it

my heart…steal it if you must

any part of me..take it

whatever you desire, it’s yours 

just don’t steal my time


Nor can you waste it

For if it’s not valuable to you

then leave me alone

you could have left me alone


It’s precious to me

Like a diamond

It’s precious to me 

Steal my heart

don’t steal my time

evening pass.. morning comes

my time is precious to me


Take my hand 

touch thy lips

lead me away

In love is what I want to be

my time is yours if you want 

Please don’t steal it 💔


A little longer

                     A little longer

You’re you want someone to talk 

Alone, but want rather be held

Strong…but want someone to catch you

Sorrow..for you are without love

You get bored 

You want love

A match is what you seek

A match..not easy to come by

You pray..for a deliverance

God wait a little longer

You wait..but time has passed

No signs

Desperate need of love

You pray

But God say….

A little longer lust and affection

Sexual desire ..pounding at your heart

But God say..

A little longer

Keep going ..for time will pass

Keep going..for the time will come

Be strong..for the future

Preserve thyself

For your husband

Sooner than you think.. he’ll arrive

Just wait….

A little longer…



Attitude… I love it

Watch how you talking to me with that tone

I’m playing..🌹❣️

I love it

All that play arguing 

All that play arguuiing….

Listen—- don’t play wit me


This how it supposed to be right ?

True love..

Best friend..

True love..

Feelings ❣️💖

They ain’t rocking like how we rockin

can’t nobody rock like us


A handful .. you are 

To cradle you is my hope

Feelings is what I have

Feelings ❣️

Whenever the time comes

I’ll be here

Stand still..

For whenever the time comes

I love you

Feelings ❣️

Roses& Thorns

                   ” Roses&Thorns”

She yearn for the good days

The old days that were  taken from her

The ones that were cut short

The days where just from a smile..

Roses would blossom 🌹

The days were thorns didn’t grow

The days where she was “Geny Pooh”

Time pass – now she walks with thorns between her soul… crying for happiness

Crying for happiness…. yet…

Ready to pull the trigger

To whom it may concern…

Her peace is important

Searching for the 🌹 she once had 

…. To many thorns in the way

Lord please don’t take her from from me

….lest I can remove some of the thorns

Love your past is your past …

It’s now and later that concerns me..


She marches with now

Roses&Thorns is what she knows now

Roses&Thorns ..I’ll take’em both

Past and present…I’ll take them both

She’s exhausted

Her feets are weary 

Yet wonderful she is

Crazy she is…Yet I love everything

You were never mine yet…

I want you back to me

Roses& Thorns

I want them

Roses& Thorns

I want you 

I want everything


Roses& Thorns 🌹🌹🌹

I Can’t Lose You

                      I can’t lose You

Would it be fair if I don’t want to see you with anyone else….?

Yes you need someone to love

But I can’t lose you 😔

The vibe, the connection..

And all the sparks that comes with it

I can’t lose that again

I can’t stop staring at you because…

Well…….. you know😔

I can’t lose you

I’m certain the next guy would not approve of us communicating..

 I don’t blame him..

Love .. 

Forget the next guy

Forget the next girl 

Best friends forever ❤️

I can’t lose you

You’ve never felt real love with those guys


So why wait for the next one

When….well… You know 😔

I can’t lose you

This I write to you in a poem

For I only write when it’s coming from the


I love you…. I can’t lose you

I’m sorry  but 

I can’t lose you… I Love You ❣️

You Will

                       You Will 💕

Genesis, you are amazing 

Crazy…just a little bit

But you are wonderful

You will have your happy ending

If time passes and the wait is to long

The heavens I will cry ask for a trade

Your past is forgiven

You will have a better future

I know you are tired

You will find your will come..

With it

I claim it

You don’t believe but I do

You don’t see it but it’s clear to me

A strong and amazing woman you are

So rare to find 

I’ve met strong ones

Yet amazing didn’t suit them

I’ve met amazing ones..

Yet they were vulnerable

I don’t take it for granted

It’s an honor to be your best friend ❤️

You will have everything you deserve

That’s meant for you…

I love you 💘💕

By My Lonely

                   By My Lonely

By my lonesome I’m lonely

Lonely by my lonesome I grieve 

As the moon shine on I mourn 

Why me

Heart filled with void

Broken down to pieces

I walk with a smile

Dying on the inside

Through gritted teeth I’m trying

Putting it all together …I can’t

Only support to my own system

And I’m failing 😫

A sunken place some will call it

Is this what buried alive feels like?

A deadman walking is still walking

Crawling and crying I search fo love 💕

Weeping and crying…

What is love?

I lay in my slumber as the deadman walks

A deadman

Is more alive than me😔

I hate feeling like thissss…

Can you hear ?

Tears dropping…is that rain?

Can you hear

My heart’s thumpin

Maybe it’s thunder 

I’m sorry love..can I lay on your shoulder?

I love you….

Can I lay on your chest


I’m lonely 😔

Sorry I’m not perfect..for I tried

Sorry I’m not perfect for I cry

The weight is getting heavy

I must pray

I must run I must run I must pray

Better days..yet to come I must pray

I must run I must run I must pray

I must pray I must pray I must pray

I’m sorry 😔

By My Lonely…