0All his life he wanted something special
All her life she wanted something special
But as life went on..special became someone
He wanted someone to care for him
She wanted someone to care for her
One after another, still didn’t find none
One after another,  always come up short
Short of happiness; big on disappointment
Big on 😞; short of happiness
Search and search,  true love.. Where?
His life was depressing
Her life was depressing
His loneliness bothered him
Her loneliness bothered her
Self esteem began to drop
Self insecure was on the rise
The need for love was much in need
His love was stolen
Stolen and taken for granted
Her love was taken
Taken and stolen for granted
His faith began to dwindle
Her Faith began to dwindle more
But one day His prayer was answered
One day Her love began show
For her search was also up
His heart began to cheer
Cheers of joy to full extent
Her heart now has coming to normal
Her love became now unravel
His ♥ now is making more sense
For he found love
For she found love
For highs and lows
They are there
what’s his now is hers
What’s Hers now is his
the ♥, the spirit,  mind,body and
Soul. Just when you thought,
The battle was up,  the trying was done
The Lord match his heart with her
The Lord  match her heart with his
For now,everything will be hers
For now, everything will be his
The soul is connected Now
The heart is happy now
No longer is searching,  for it is done.
Things is no longer his
Things are no longer hers
everything now has finally become
HIS&HERS:) i love you baby


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