Reach for my hand

Reach for my heart

For it’s yours 

My heart 

Take it 

It’s yours 


Good Morning 

​Good Morning 

I hope your day goes well

Your morning, afternoon

Your evening,  your night. 

Good Morning 
Smile,  for it brings less pain


For it makes me happy

Good Morning  
Don’t forget to pray
Good Morning 

Her Smile

​Her Smile
Like stars in the sky

Her smile shines bright

Joy fills the air when she smiles
Her Smile
So sweet

So pleasant

Her smile
Love the way she talks

Love the way she laughs

But in all

I love.. Her smile

In all

I love 
Her Smile


At times I Reminisce on our past

Of how we started,  to where we at now.  

Wondering if we was to play the same card once more;would it land on the same, #-the same card.  

Makes me think a lot each time I Reminisce on it.  Reminiscing on the outcome, – the outcome of the hill we had to climb…just to see the mountain that was standing in our way. 

Here we at now,  not to many moments later,  almost at the top of the mountain. 

Yet it seem not to far of a distance

Yet it’s the longest. 

And if you Reminisce on that,  you’ll understand . For it’s always the shortest distance that takes the longest to get to, than when  we first expected.  

Reminisce on that. 

It’s not how you start,  but how you finish. 

And if you Reminice on that. 

You’ll Understand.