Sail Away

“Sail Away”
Let’s pack our bags and sail away
Crash course through the waves
Chase our dreams upon the waves
Sail away,  sail away…
Let’s pack our bags and sail away
Upon the stars we route our way
Sail away,  sail away
Let’s pack our bags and sail away.


“Who’s Her”

“Who’s Her”
They ask me.. “who’s her? ”
Is she the one that fall upon the stars?….. Who is she?
“Who’s her?”.. What’s her name?
For some say it’s the stars that cry upon her name…Tis it true?
The mother of all names I heard
Who is she?
What is her name?
The reason the sun doesn’t forget to rise in the morning they say..
Who’s her?
Darkness couldn’t shadowed her heart I’ve heard.. Tis it truth?
Who’s is she?
For she’s the great..
The great lover,  love so boundless.
Tis the truth?
What’s her name?
Fighter of the flesh some say..
Who’s her?
So many questions
So few answers. 
For so I ask again, please tell me..
Who’s her?

“In Time”

“In Time”
In Time we’ll be Together
In Time we’ll be one
One they will remember
Remember what we went through
To get this far
This far In Time
In Time we’ll talk and laugh
But for now we hope and pray
For that time to come
For in this time.. We wait
I love you than, and I love you now
For I will continue to..
To love you in times now.
Till the end of time
For you are my love..
For now, later and through times
In Time.

The Notes in her Voice

“The notes in her Voice”
The notes that her voice brings..
She sings with Delight
She sings in sorrow
The notes are intangible
The notes in her voice
The melody that comes with it
The harmony that moves with it
It’s incredible
The Notes in her Voice. 
How grateful I am to witness..
The notes in her voice
The notes that her voice brings.
For the notes In her voice
The notes in her voice


Crazy about your love
The love in which I endure
Crazy about your smile:)
For its bright as the morning star
Crazy Crazy Crazy
Baby I’m crazy about you:)
Crazy about your touch
Baby I’m crazy about you:)