The Perfect Wife

The Perfect wife

What is she consist of?

Her attributes?

What is she consist of?

What is…

The Perfect Wife?

Is it what she brings to the table?

Her commitment, the way she holds things Down, what all does it takes?

Her Smile

Her Beauty

Her compassion

Her heart for charity

Beauty inside and out

Her Pros and cons

So much pros that it overtakes the cons

Precious she is

She makes being Faithful look easy


Is it enough

The Perfect Wife?

I love her

She loves me

Every passing moment

My heart grows soft

A passionate heart in a cold world

A passionate heart for a cold man

A cold man with a warm conscious

Every passing moment

My heart grew soft

You see its not the beauty

The beauty she posses

Or all the talents she’s gifted of

No matter the cost

She loves me

She put herself before me

Grew up putting herself before others

So she put herself before me

Love so unconditional

Passionate heart

I don’t know what all takes to be a perfect wife,  I don’t know

But I do know

Whatever it is

She posses them all

Perfect wife?


My Perfect Wife 🙂