0I can’t get over the fact that you’re gone.

For our time together been short but worth it.

There’s not a min that pass by, that I can’t stop thinking about you.

I think about the conversations we could’ve had.

I think about the laughs we would’ve laughed.

The tears we would’ve shared if it came down to it.

Now all I think about is you.

For people say this and they say that, they always have something to say.

Just when I thought “Maybe she’s my answered prayer, the one- My Love”

(sigh) I can’t get over the fact that you’re gone.

Now all I do is look at your pictures and think about what could’ve been.

Yeah I know other guys like you, but it’s us I think about, nobody else.

I want to be with you; the one, the last guy I want to be in your life.

For they say two broken hearts that come together is Unbreakable. 

I maybe wasting my time saying this, but I like to share what I feel.



I Miss

0.jpgI miss our out late night talks

I miss your smile

I miss your laugh

I miss you.

I wish I could’ve been there to cover up for you

I wish I could’ve been there to stop it from happening

Now all I can do here is live off memories

I miss you

I love so many things about you

Feels like I’m talking to another me sometimes when we talk.

We’re so alike in so many ways

I miss you

The way we think and see things almost the exact way is unbelievable 

I thought I was the only one who thought that I wasn’t good for anyone there.

I miss you

Now I sit here in bed in tears

Now I lay here in bed, in tears

Nothing is the same

I miss you so much

I would do anything to come see you

Just when I thought, you might be the one- then all of sudden you’re gone.

I miss you

I hope you miss me to.

Not as a friend,  but as lover, as an answered prayer.

I miss you.


How Far?

0.jpgHow far will this go?

How far can we go?

For we started something special 

For it makes me wonder about the possibilities 

potential possibilities of the future

our future?

Maybe, Only God knows, and only time will tell 

Only time will tell of how far we will go.


Best friends?


How far will this go; how far can we go?

Do you know?

Tell me?

How far?




 Do you believe me when I tell you I love you

            Did you believe me when I said “that I never leave you”

               For they say “roses are red and violets are blue”

        for the thought of that just makes you happy in several ways

 but what happens when the roses are gone while the thorns are still there?

         For every rose has its thorns ­ every heart has it heartaches

                             When the violets are gone, then what?

                           will you still be happy in several ways?

If we start going through the thorns of the petal before reaching the rose of our                relationship not knowing when, would your love still be there?

        Knowing who I am by now, have your feelings changed a bit?

                                           Do you have any doubts?

                                    Are there any thorns in the way?

                  For they say “roses are red and violets are blue

  For every rose has its thorns, When the violets are gone, then what?

                                      will your love still be there?

                                     Do you have any doubts?

                            are there any thorns in the way? ?