May your year be consist of Happiness and Joy

May it be filled with joy of tears
Tears of joy for if you prefer it that way

Happiness shouldn’t be optional
I hope your year is filled with it

May your year be filled with Laughter – oh how sweet would it be if tears comes with it

Enjoy this year with people you love most

Enjoy this year being grateful

Don’t be afraid of talking to strangers – for one may be an angel

Enjoy this year
Become a better person
A better person for God is more important.

Enjoy this year
For time is near
Enjoy this year for it will be short
Enjoy it

But first..

Enjoy it day by day
For it is the way
Enjoy this year

Through the pain
The good
The bad
All in all
Enjoy it
Enjoy this year

Happy New Year:)


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