She looks up,  than she looks down
Starring at the white ceiling
She turns her head to the walls
The white walls that she’s used to
She’s layed up on the bed
Layed up on for another day
Looking to the ceiling
Looking at the walls
Surrounded by utter whiteness
She can’t do nothing
Her masters won’t let her
The sun she can’t see
Only on special occasions
The weather
The weather doesn’t change to her
It’s always the same
The same in that box
That box she’s enclosed in
Her room
She longs for freedom
The freedom that the masters..
That they won’t give
Rebellion is in her heart
Refused to be pinned down
Pinned down in four corners
Yet she’s afraid
Afraid of her masters punishment
Punishment of rebellious
Until she can stands up
Until she can find a crack
A crack in that box
The sight of freedom will only be…
Just a fantasy
Until then… She is


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