“Greater than a Diamond”





A wise man once said “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one”

            True I suppose; ….for what is a diamond without  a flaw?

                What is a perfect diamond compare to your heart?


      Diamonds are forever, the love you possess is but so long.

                     But so long till you can’t love no more.

               Which one?… Which one must I cherish more?

   Better your heart  filled of flaws than a diamond without none.

     They say “Diamonds are symbol of love and romance”

                                          So they say

                                 How when it can be bought?

                                 Can true love be bought?

                                Can one buy real romance?

          No second guessing my love, for they haven’t noticed you.

                    For man look at the outward appearance


better for me to choose a pebble over a diamond than for me loose the possession of your heart

                         For there is no comparison… none at all

     For your loving heart shines brighter, glitters the brightest, holds more values

                                              NO Comparison.


                     If Diamonds  can talk, they would tell you.

                      Even if a Diamond can talk, it would tell you.

                                              No Comparison.





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